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DOOM 3 coop or DM Saturday 4/23

Romier S

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The title says it all. I've played through the coop game 1 and a half times already but that's surely not enough if you ask me. I'd love to grab a partner and run through it some more. I've played with a few folks but remember guys like Datatox being interested in playing. Anyone up for a little coop? Afterwards perhaps we can grab a few other guys and do some Deathmatching? EviEmpire, Bug, and I played a few matches and had a blast. Any time Saturday is just fine with me.

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I'd definitely be interested in playing some time this Saturday. Especially since I have yet to try out the Coop online.


Not sure what my schedule is yet for Saturday, but most likely the evening would be better. Once my work day is done today, I should have a better idea of when I will be free.

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Excellent. I'm up for coop at anytime. Datatox if you just want to PM or AIM me (check my profile) when you're up for a game, please do so. We can set something up for post 8-9pm if you that's good for you.


Also, bug, If you're up for some early evening play, we can do some coop at aroun 5-6pm on Saturday.

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Don't feel bad bug, I jumped online for about 20 minutes to see if anyone was on in the early evenging and ended up being completely engulfed with Psychonauts until almost 2am. Datatox, if you happened to jump on, I'm sorry I missed you.


You didn't miss me Romier, I ended up not getting on due to some minor family issues. I am still dying to try the coop. This week is going to be tight for me, but I am going to try and get some evening time to do some Dooming. ;) I'll post a thread once I figure out which night I might actually be free from work.



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Played Co-op with Jason. It rocks! Sadly, I don't think it rocks because of the game. It rocks for the same reason Ikari Warriors rocked. Co-op is a fun dynamic. So far I am unimpressed with the game on its own. Too much like the corridor romping of yesteryear. Enemies are boring, compared to even the troops from Half-Life many years ago. Level design is uninspired. Weapons, so for, lack the oomph I expected. The shotgun feels like it shoots out air instead of shells. I don't even know what the right direction I'm supposed to go in is.


But again, the co-op is a blast. Incredibly fun. Friendly fire OFF, thank god.

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