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May Portables Release List


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5/3 Hot Shots Golf Open Tee $39.99

5/9 Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition $49.99

5/10 Smart Bomb $39.99

5/17 MVP Baseball $49.99



Nintendo DS

5/2 Egg Monster Hero $49.99

5/2 Dynasty Warriors $49.99

5/2 Mobile Suit Gundum Seed $49.99

5/4 SW Revenge of the Sith $39.99

5/10 NFSU2 $39.99

5/23 Madagascar $39.99


Nintendo Gameboy SP /Advance

5/1 Killer 3d Pool $19.99

5/1 Scrabble Blast $19.99

5/1 Pacman Pinball Adventure $19.99

5/2 Monstar Trucks / Quad Desert Fury $19.99

5/2 Golden Nuggest Casino/Teax Holdem 2 pack $19.99

5/2 Cartoon Network Pack $19.99

5/4 SW: ROTS $29.99

5/23 Wario Ware Twisted $29.99

5/23 Madagascar $29.99

5/23 Fire Emblem : The Sacred Stones $29.99



5/24 WWE Aftershock $24.99

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I will buy HotShots eventually, not sure if it will be right away because I'm well into TW PGA at the moment. Midnight Club 3 is a strong possibility, although I'll wait for some reviews...and I still haven't figured out if it's online or not.


SmartBomb looks interesting, but again I will await reviews before deciding.

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