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The Sims 2 (coming to the PSP and DS)

Romier S

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Gamespot posted images of the PSP version of the Sims 2. You can take a look at the announcement for the game here:




You can read some details about the redevelopment of the game for the PSP in the article. Some highlights:


The PSP version of The Sims 2 will offer yet another completely different experience based on the PC game, and in this one you will take direct control of a sim who gets stranded in Strangetown when his (or her) car breaks down. Your first goal in the PSP game will be to use your social skills on the unhelpful garage owner, Oscar, and convince him to repair your car. He'll suggest that you kill some time in the nearby curio shop rather than watching him work, and it's in that shop that a set of tarot cards will be used to determine your sim's goals and aspirations. You'll be able to pick and choose the goals and aspirations if you prefer, of course, but where's the fun in that?


Taking advantage of the PSP hardware's sound capabilities, The Sims 2 will feature a new soundtrack and the same simlish language that characters use to communicate with each other in the PC games. The Sims 2 will also take advantage of the PSP's wireless connectivity functionality, allowing you to trade items that you've collected with other players, and interact with them in "battle socials" where you compete for attention and, ultimately, new perks and points. If you decide that you particularly like one of your friend's sims, you'll have the option to import that sim into your game so that you can spend more time with and perhaps even end up dating him or her.


You can also take a look at some screenies here:






Gamespot also has some new screenies and a preview of the DS version of the Sims 2.


You can read the preview here:




Some highlights:


As mentioned earlier, the DS version of The Sims 2 will be very different from its GBA counterpart, not least because everything in the DS game will be 3D. You'll play as the manager of a small Strangetown hotel (it has only two rooms at the start of the game), whose goal, predictably, is to keep all of the residents happy. To achieve this goal, not only will you have to expand your hotel with additional rooms, such as a lounge and an art gallery, but you'll also have to customize those rooms with content that you've fashioned using some of the handheld's unique features. The paintings in the art gallery can be created by drawing on the touch screen, while the music you play in the lounge (and pipe into the bedrooms, if you like) will be a tune you've composed using a combination of in-game sounds and stuff that you've recorded using the DS's built-in microphone. The Sims 2 will also take advantage of the DS's wireless connectivity support, so you can trade items and songs that you've created with other players.


The game does feature a storyline of sorts, though, revolving around three "boss" characters who will refuse to leave your hotel until they're 100 percent happy with the service there. The bosses will undoubtedly be among the most demanding residents in the game, and we're told that trashed rooms are a distinct possibility.


You can take a look at screens for the DS version here:




The article also mentions the GBA version of the game and includes some screenies to take a look at.

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