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SW Movie and TV news from Lucas at Celebration III


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George Lucas as the big Celebration III this weekend said the following

1-For ROTS, There will be the regular theatrical version, and a digital theater version which is a little longer, he metioned a dagobah scene in that version


2-He confirmed 2 TV projects: One is continuing with the Clone Wars cartoons and the other is the live action series.


3-Another box set is in the works: Looks like a 6 disc box set with all episodes 1-6. Possibly a 7th disc, maybe with deleted scenes from the original trilogy. He was asked if he would be changing things again in the movies, prequels or original. He replied that everything is the way he wants them now. As far as the rumored super archival edition due out in 2007 on super hi-def dvd, there is no truth to that.


4-He wants to rerelease the OT back in to theatres via the new 3-D technology


5-No episodes 7, 8, 9.



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Some more TV show info from Lucas Himself


Not the first question, but probably the one most anticipated by fans was about the future of Star Wars on television. "You know we're doing a pilot television series now called Clone Wars," said Lucas. "Well we're going to take that and turn it into a 3-D animated version full series." Lucas described the episodes as being 30 minutes in length.


"We're also working on a spin-off series," he added, "with some characters who have appeared before that will be a live action series. We're probably not going to start that for about a year. Like on The Young Indy we want to write all the stories for the entire first season all at once. I'm going to get it started, and hire the show runners and all of that, then I'll probably step away."


Elaborating on the television series' setting in the chronology of the saga, Lucas explained that the idea currently in development takes place between Episodes III and IV. "There's none of the main characters from I, II, and III (or IV, V and VI for that matter) in the..." he stopped in mid-sentence. "Well, actually, that's not exactly true now that I think about it. We haven't really started the TV show, so it's hard to answer. There's a lot of issues that are connected, but you won't necessarily see a lot of the people that are connected."


Also some other stuff found out by theforce.net

The Live action show

100 episodes

1 hour each

based on a spinoff character

Lucas will direct first season

write season one at one time

film season one at one time

takes place between ROTS and ANH

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This was from a USAtoday article. its a hint on a charector who may be in the Live Action Series



Ford was approached by Daniel Logan, 18, who played young Boba Fett in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Lucas said Logan's character may be included in his live-action Star Wars TV series, which is in the works.


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This was from a USAtoday article. its a hint on a charector who may be in the Live Action Series



Ford was approached by Daniel Logan' date=' 18, who played young Boba Fett in [i']Episode II: Attack of the Clones[/i]. Lucas said Logan's character may be included in his live-action Star Wars TV series, which is in the works.

Holy crap, that kid was 15 in that movie? It's been a long time since I saw AOTC, but jeez, I remember him seeming more like 8 or 9 years old, not a teenager.


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It just doesn't strike me as spoiler material though and if we keep it up the thread may end up like looking into an abyss. It's merely who the series, or at least some of it, could potentially be about, nothing to suggest the antics the character in question might be getting up to (which are what I’d consider potentially more spoileriffic).



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It wasn't a conscious choice, just don't know how to do spoiler tags on this board. I played around with the controls a bit, but just decided to hell with it. I'll just move along now. If I have any more pertinent info to share, I'll just forward it over to Joey or Dan, who both appear to have a firm grasp on tagswink.gif

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Looks like we may be waiting a long while before we see Star Wars on TV:




According to Can Mag, at least one of the two shows, the much-anticipated live action series, won't go into production until at least 2008. It seems that George Lucas intends to do much of the writing and directing work himself, but his calendar is full for the next few years with the planned 3-D versions of the Star Wars movies as well as the long-awaited new Indiana Jones movie. After that, he'll start working on the new live-action Star Wars television.


At this point, it looks like it will be another three or four years before we find out what Lucas's vision of the post-prequel era is. This delay may or may not apply to the computer-animated series that deals with the Clone Wars. Perhaps if that comes out in the next two years, it will keep the fans happy.

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Warner haver secured rights to air the new 'Clone Wars' cartoon. Not only that, but they will be releasing a 100 minute Clone Wars movie into cinemas this August:


Animated 'Star Wars' to hit theaters

Lucas' 3-D project going bigscreen before small



Another "Star Wars" tale is on its way to the bigscreen, but it won't be distributed by Fox.


Lucasfilm has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures and Turner Broadcasting on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," a 3-D toon that will bow in theaters this August before moving to the smallscreen in the fall. The Aug. 15 feature will set the stage for the spinoff skein, which will bow on Cartoon Network, followed by airings on TNT. International release dates for the feature and TV series are still being set.


Multiplatform project is an expansion of the earlier "Clone Wars" microseries that aired on Cartoon Network. However, Fox's homevid arm released those episodes on DVD, just as it has distributed every "Star Wars" theatrical release since 1977.


Lucasfilm said Warner Bros.' cable and theatrical resources made it an especially good fit for the project. "We're trying to do something unprecedented -- marrying TV series and theatrical release," a rep said.


Under this deal, Warner will release the film and TV skein on DVD.


Warner execs eagerly tracked the project throughout the development process, and decided to give the property a theatrical launch after seeing footage.


"I don't know anyone who wouldn't want it," said Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer of Turner Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media, who said a theatrical launch "has always been contemplated as part of the process."


The "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" movie is expected to run around 100 minutes and pick up between episode II and III. Anakin Skywalker is not yet Darth Vader. The story will then continue in 30-minute smallscreen installments.


George Lucas, who has revisited the property and time again over the decades, said he mounted this new spinoff because he "felt there were a lot more 'Star Wars' stories left to tell." He said he wanted to tell them through animation, pushing the technology forward at the same time.


Lucas serves as exec producer on the project, which will primarily employ voice actors. The only original actors returning are Anthony Daniels as C3PO and Matthew Wood as General Grievous and the battledroids.


Dave Filoni is the helmer. Henry Gilroy, Scott Murphy and Steven Melching are the writers. Catherine Winder is producer.


Lucasfilm Animation has already produced more than 30 episodes in the TV skein, with production continuing in Singapore and Taiwan. On Tuesday, Lucasfilm is launching an online Web docu about the project at Starwars.com.



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