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Halo 2...New Maps=Celebration Tuesday 4/26

Romier S

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We had a great time playing Halo 2 last week and I think it's only fair with the release of some new maps to have a celebration session of Halo 2. The day is tommorrow Tuesday 4/26. The game time will begin anytime between 8pm-9pm (I'll more than likely jump on 9pm). We can play until we drop. I'd love to continue play the team modes we tried last week. More bombing runs/CTF etc. (WTF is neutral bomb ;) )

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I came on for a few matches and had a good time with the CTF stuff but some of those last few matches were a bit over my head. It's just cause I'm such a Halo 2 n00b of course. That I'll readily admit. A good deal of those folks were quite advanced thoigh. I'll definitely need to practice more.

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Yea I turned it on about 9:05 or 9:10, depending on if your looking at the vcr clock or the stereo clock) and everybody was playing GR2 except a few other people who seemed to be in private games. After reading your post, it hit me that you were prolly refering to Eastern time and I'm on central time.


Regardless, I don't think I have you on my friends list, Futurevoid, is it cool if I send you a friend request?

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