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Elixir Studios goes bellyup


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They're handling it a lot better than a lot of other developers - instead of fighting to the bitter end & going through all their available cash, they're using their remaining funds for redundancy payments.


They've been in trouble for a while unfortunately, laid off staff last year after Evil Genius was complete I believe.


It's sad to see another indy British developer close, but yet again, this is a developer that hyped themselves up no end, got lots of investment from outside the usual sources, and did a game that flopped. Infinite monkey engine, anyone?

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They burned through huge chunks of cash on Republic - very, very long development cycle with all new tech, big team etc, and few sales at the end. Evil Genius was the right idea for their next project, but again, few sales at the end.


Still, it's a shame to see them go. The British press will need to find another rent-a-quote to go with Molenyeaux.

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