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Guild Wars N00bs Report In!

Chris F

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So I'm going to start playing tonight, say around 7:30PM EST. if I'm not mistaken, there should be a few players that are starting tonight, and there's some quest where I'll need to group with someone. Anyone want to try it out.


I have no f'n idea what i'm doing in this game yet.

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Egad, I haven't been on this forum for ages. LoL


Anyway, joined the guild on GW awhile ago. Name is Aoi Shinigami (Blue Deathgod). Female, 4th character, level 9 (halfway to 10), necro/rang, just finished doing Fort Ranik, post-sear mission thingee (what a pain in the rear).


Real name is Kong. Anyone know what the teamspeak channel is?

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