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Microsoft upping gear in the UK (again)

Angry the Clown

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It seems the X-Box will drop to ?99 retail come October to combat a forthcoming PS2 price drop to ?129. In addition to this, in the want to expand Live to audiences beyong a niche market, MS are set to offer 2 free months on Live to any who purchase a newly released Live enabled title. Live headsets will be available separately.


Gameindustry.biz adds:


The company is planning to make renewing your Xbox Live subscription as easy as possible too, with the introduction of scratch cards which can be purchased at retail outlets and provide a unique code to activate your account. The cards will be available in denominations of three, six and twelve months, and they handily sidestep the problem of people not wishing to use their credit card to pay for subscriptions.


Xbox software is also seeing price cuts - effective immediately, Tao Feng, Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball and the fantastic Project Zero are being dropped to ?29.99, and in the next few weeks Quantum Redshift, Toe Jam & Earl III, Blinx and Shenmue II will be officially dropped to ?19.99 (although they won't become part of the similarly priced Classics range).



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Now I am back from my break I will finally sort out DSL, and thus dabble in Live by Christmas. If a game I'd like offers the 2 month free trial I'll be sure to take advantage of that.


I'm planning to re-construct my room by christmas though, which will take financial priority, so at worst I'll be stuck to paying Worms 3D over DSL on the PC with you guys. :)



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