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Is Halo PC still worth it?

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I wasn't into gaming when Halo for the Xbox and then the PC version came out, so I never really got to play them. So recently I was playing some of the older classics, like Half-life 1 and the Opposing Force expansion, and Starcraft, and Diablo II. I was just wondering if it's still possible for Halo to impress with the recent great FPS games like HL2, Riddick, Far Cry, Call of Duty, UT2004, etc.? Do any of you still play it even after Halo 2 came out?

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There is a demo available. I would say that it would fall, graphically, between HL1 and HL2(and others of these recent gen games). But the story is quite good. And definitly looks better than the Xbox version. Assuming that is you have the hardware, and if I remember correctly, you do.





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