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When Game Recommendations Go Bad


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A friend of mine recently purchased a Nintendo GameCube, which happens to be the only current gaming console he owns. I wouldn't define him as a hardcore gamer, but he appreciates a good title when he plays one. For the most part, he and I seem to agree on what's good and what's not. He bought the Cube specifically to play Metroid Prime - my favorite game so far in this generation - and had a blast playing the copy of Ocarina of Time I lent him. We are also big Mega Man fans, and both of us have what one may describe as an unhealthy obsession with Goldeneye for the N64. And that's just naming a few of the games we both like.


So, when we were at the store and saw the GCN edition of Ubi Soft's masterpiece, Splinter Cell, on sale for a mere $30, I felt confident in recommending it to him. After all, he did see me play some of it, so he knew what to expect, right?




Apparently, not. He had no idea that the game was all espionage and sneaking around. He thought that the section he saw me play was just a unique level and not representative of the whole thing. I guess he expected more of a straight action/adventure type game. At any rate, I realized very quickly from his instant messages that he was not finding the game to be very fun at all. Instead, he was frustrated and confused. I asked him about it a few weeks later and he admitted that he just couldn't get into it at all.


On the one hand, I'm disappointed that he never found the game interesting, but at the same time I feel bad that because of me, he threw down $30 for a game he ultimately didn't like. I suppose if I were to look at the bright side, at least he didn't spend a full 50 on it.


So, what recommendations have you made that have turned out to be busts?

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Jeffrey, I sound like I have the same tastes as you and your friend and I didn't like SC on the Cube either, so just goes to show. Strangely I even like sneakers too, just couldn't get into that one at all.


I got a friend of mine to pick up GTA3 for her boyfriend figuring that that couldn't miss, but damned if it went over like a lead balloon. Just one of those things I suppose :).

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I'm really very careful in recommending titles to friends. I recommended NFL 2k3 for the PS2 for a friend when it hit $10 bucks. Well, he really hated it. I feel bad about having him spend $10 on a game that will never be played by him. Funny thing is that I have about 15 to 20 games that I've payed that much for, but never will play. :)



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Well, he really hated it.


Does he like Buffy? ;)


I try to be as mainstream as possible if reccomending games to "general" gamesplayers, and to be honest, NFL2K3 should be a damn good suggestion if someone has anything close to a passing interest in American football. I know not to suggest the likes of PDO or Viewtiful Joe to my "abstract concept hatin'" friends.

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Did he know he was buying a football game?


Yeah... I think so. :)


In fairness to him, he's just always liked the Madden style of play. I just thought for $9.99, you couldn't go wrong... apparently you can.


Does he like Buffy?


Nope. :) I've tried to get him to like that for quite some time now. He's very stubborn.



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