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Gamecrazy 3 for $15 deal (everything but current gen games)

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I don't know how many of you have Gamecrazy stores near you, but they are offering a pretty sweet deal right now on all games from the past generations. The only systems that are not included in the sale are the PSP, DS, PS2, GC, and Xbox.


Here's what I've managed to score through the store and through some people that have picked up a few games in their stores.


Metal Gear Solid (GBC)

Kirby Tilt and Tumble (GBC)

Metroid II (GB)

Tetris and Dr. Mario (SNES)

Pokemon Stadium 2 (N64)

Kirby 64 (N64)

Mario Party 2 (N64)

Wild Arms (PSX)

Record of the Lodoss War (DC)

Starcraft 64 (N64)

Ogre Battle 64 (N64)

Diablo (PSX)

Xenogears (PSX)

and when my friend is done with it... Super Mario RPG


I'm a pretty happy guy, and all for $5 bucks a game.


Most don't have manuals, but I'm happy just to have the games. :)



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hehe, secretvampire, I recognized your sig from the cheapassgamer thread (which I am reading right now).


I didn't catch this sale earlier but I caught your thread here today...but I ran out from work today to go check it out.


Combed through PSX, DC...didn't find a lot. Considered Record of Lodoss War because it is an old anime favorite, but Diablo-style play was never a big thing for me. If it was complete I would have pulled the trigger on it. Picked up 2 copies of Grandia II for Dreamcast, complete (I think?). There are two spots for discs on Grandia, but each only had one disc? One had the manual and one didn't - what I suspected from the wait. I've been meaning to get Grandia II for ages. Rounded out the 3rd game with Sword of the Berserk - disc only but I've wanted to play it, since Berserk is my favorite anime ever.


Guess Paper Mario, etc got cleaned out the first day. :( My wife wanted it. I almost picked up Star Fox 64 and Mario 64, but I couldn't find a 3rd game right now (I don't have an N64 at this point anyway). I did consider Killer Instinct to round it out and may go back for the set.



Beyond that, there wasn't a single RPG in sight. I couldn't even find any copies of Final Fantasy on PS1.

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