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Best place to buy UMD movies.


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Online or otherwise, where is the best place to get UMD movies? I haven't had any luck finding them at my local CC or Target. I wouldn't mind picking up one or two for the occasional bus trip into NYC. There are some new title being released this week as well.


thanks Randy

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My wife recently dragged me into a dreaded Wal-Mart, and I saw they had several UMD movies for $14-20, including Kill Bill, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, House of Flying Daggers, Hellboy, Pirates of the Carribean, and I think XXX. I wouldn't have thought Wal-mart would be that cutting edge, but there you go. :)

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Target has them in both the PSP section and on the DVD endcaps. Decent prices (comparitively). Hit the sub $9.99 point, and I'll consider it. Under no circumstances should they cost more than the same DVD, which is usually the situation right now.

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