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OCGN Tournaments

Guest Bryan

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Has anyone ever participated in an OCGN tournament? If so, how did it go? Scheduling, actually playing, etc...


The reason I ask is because I saw the worst possible excuse for a tournament last week. The matchup time was changed a minimum of eight times, including twice on the day of the match! Then, the other team never even showed up. There has to be some control over times getting changed the way they were. I don't see how anyone could actually get a match started.


Interested to know if there have been any positive experiences. I will not be giving them any more of my time.

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That's a shame you guys had problems.


I never used them, but I read a nice review on the site once (reviewed one of those Xbox decals) and I note that their forums are better than most on the internet ('course, the home team's are better :P).


Maybe this was an isolated incident and perhaps related to their server switch?



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