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Funny Thread at CAG


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the funny thing about that thread is , probably 99% of those stories probably didnt exactly happen like that.


Ive worked in the same wine store for many years and in all that time ive delt with all the drunks, old people, pain in the ass mothers with kids, underage kids trying to buy with no ID, and in that time I only got angry and talked back at a customer once which was actually 4 months ago. There is this guy who at one time took a break from drinking as he thought he drank too much. Didnt see him for like 3 months or so. One day he comes in early as we are opening and buys a few minis. He leaves. Around 1:30 that day as im calling for lunch the guys wife walks in. I know who she is as she came in once before asking if her husband stopped in, but she has never bought anything. So she says "you sold to my husband?" which i responded i did not as the owners wife was behind the counter at the time. So she goes off about how I AKA ME do not care what happens to her husband and i continue to sell to him which may kill him, and all I want is the money. She goes on and on for a few minutes and i finally did snap back. No cursing was involved but i was loud enough that everyone in the store heard me. And at the time there were a few sales people and customers near the counter and all of them told the lady to put her husband in rehab if there is a problem.



Oh and my favorite question when people walk into our huge store of wine


Wheres the Red Wine?


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Wow, sounds just like the tools at one of the EB Games and Babbages by my house. :)


My favorite is how these guys act like they are the shiz-nit but put a live breathing person of the oposite sex in front of them and they then become the same uninformed customers they talk about.



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This reminds me of another funny website I stumbled across last year about customers in retail: Acts of Gord


I love Gord's stories. Even though he hasa bit of a rude streak in him, he always seemd to save his wrath for the few unreasonable customers who truly deserved it.


The asshats in the CAG thread are just as often making fun of confused consumers (non-tech saavy parents and grandparents) who are really in need a good salesperson to help them make an informed purchase. They certainly don't need to be dicks about it.

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