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SSX4, not online, not for Xbox 360

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I adore this game. I don't know what it is. Ever since 1080 on N64 I have had a thing for outlandish snowboarding games. SSX3 was fantastic. And there is nothing more fun than competing with friends, trying to get the best score. This game screams for online leader boards, at the very least. Being able to upload player ghosts. And of course, head to head online play. Blast! I was really looking forward to playing this game online in HD.


Oh well. One less game to buy this winter. I'll be splurging on Xbox 360 games. Hopefully I can resist buying this game.

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Too bad, it seems like the obvious step for this game to go online. Amped 2 is a blast online.


I'll probably still get it though, because it's so damn fun. I'd even seriously consider double-dipping for a PSP version...assuming they don't punt that one too.


EDIT: Actually, I wonder how much the lag between the Xbox360 and PS3 will hurt cross-platform games for the Xbox360? I suppose it depends on how much additional work, if any, would need to be done to a game to make it take advantage of the greater horsepower, and show it. If it's a lot, I'd expect a lot of cross-platform games to continue to be PS2->Xbox1 ports, rather than Xbox360 showpieces for a while until the PS3 ships. After that, the capabilities of the two platforms should be roughly on-par again.

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