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Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

Chris F

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Coming this winter:




THQ Inc. (Nasdaq: THQI) today announced Full Spectrum WarriorTM: Ten Hammers for the Xbox? video game system from Microsoft, PlayStation?2 computer entertainment system and Windows PC. The game builds upon the ground-breaking, genre-blending game play of the original, integrating an all new robust multiplayer system, player-controlled coalition forces, mechanized units and enhanced character abilities and advanced enemy A.I. Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers is scheduled to release this winter.
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I finished the original and all it's downloadable missions.


Decent game but, as the article states, it wasn't as great as expected. There was some seriously bone headed moves by the AI that got me pissed, and the fact that the enemy AI was simply, stand, shoot, die.


Hopefully, they tweak out those areas. I could care less about being able to drive around stupid AI. Give me some smart enemies, on foot.

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I agree. It was a very easy game to beat all you had to do was play smart and it was done but I still loved the game and I would with out a doubt buy the new one. I look forward to hearing some more info about it in the future.

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Was just reading through OXM and the devs mention that ALL the enemies in the 1st game were scripted!!!! Talk about zero AI....


The guy even admitted that it was basically a puzzle figuring out the levels but, that should be taken care of in the sequel due to the fact that the enemy ai will have sectors that it will patrol.


GOOD!!!! :tu

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Some more pre-E3 coverate on Pandemic's sequel to thier successful military strategy game. Reading through the article, you get a sense that Pandemic is really pushing replayability this time over anything else. Some major changes have been made to the enemy AI and some new adversarial online modes have been added. You can read more here .


"One of the most important things we wanted to create in the sequel was to add more replayability," said Wil Stahl. "We added a Versus mode online, so now players can play adversarially online in addition to playing cooperatively online. And we stopped scripting the enemy AI, which happened throughout all of FSW. Those two things changed the game in ways we hadn't even thought of before."


Using a similar control scheme to the first, Pandemic is, more importantly, adding in a tremendous amount of variation to the sequel. In the first game, the enemy was scripted, and it basically stayed passive, hiding in a place and staying there. In FSW: Ten Hammers, the enemy isn't scripted at all. It starts in different areas each time you play a level; it flanks you, and it comes after you, tracking your position. If you stay in one position too long, they'll come around using whatever weapons they have, grenades, RPGs, and they'll clear you out. The AI is smart and aggressive this time around, forcing you to move and strategize -- or you'll die.


The heightened AI thus creates a game based on movement, highly advanced tactical strategy, and the use of more than just two teams. Here, you'll not only be able to control up to four teams (returning Charlie and adding Delta), you'll be able to split Alpha and Bravo into two individual sub-teams. You can send out a scout, who will run to a building corner, check the area for gunners, and respond accordingly. If a corner is chock full of enemies, he'll automatically run back without taking a beating. If it's clear, he'll wave you over automatically. This, in addition to quicker controls and faster commands, means you can cover more ground more efficiently.

The new adversarial stuff sounds really interesting and I'm always willing to give any game with a good cooperative mode a try. :tu




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