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I have crossed the line to being an obsessive gamer...

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...as I just purchased a Neo Geo AES console! As Jeff (Bug) knows, I have been fleshing out my collection with pretty much every dead mainstream system out there. I have lusted after the Neo Geo since middle school, and I finally took the leap of faith. I bought a modded AES from a very well respected member of the Neo Geo forums that does the mods, after a lot of research. It's modded with component video output, digital sound (coax and optical), a unibios (allows you to enable cheats, select languages, etc.), and the best part...a blue LED light in the reset button. ;)


I'll post some pics when it arrives. If we still had an old school forum, I would post this there, but this seemed to be the best place. Sorry, I'm just really excited!!! :)

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Congrats Maybe that poor checkbook will get a break now, not that I have any room to talk


Hahaha...are you kidding me? :D If anything, it will probably get worse. I'm going to stick to the cheaper AES games and then buy a Phantom convertor, which allows you play the MVS (arcarde) carts on the AES system. The MVS carts are MUCH cheaper most of the time, just not as pretty (no artwork, manuals). So I'll get a mixture of the two.


A lot of people just get a "consolized" MVS board or a full cab, but I like the aesthetics of the AES a lot better and my wife won't kill me this way. I'll get the best of both worlds, a proper console (AES) with cheaper games (MVS). The games are identical, if anybody is wondering. It took me a lot of reading to figure all of this out, just trying to provide a summary if anybody is interested!

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Well, the big boy got here yesterday. If the Xbox's size scares you off, this will haunt your nights forever, muhahahah. Sorry for the somewhat crappy quality of the pics.


Neo Geo AES cart case next to a standard Xbox game:




A different view:




Neo Geo AES cart next to a SNES cart:




The Neo Geo console with joystick next to my SNES console:



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The boy has eaten the pancakes. Truly, he is lost to us now.


BTW, that was an outstandingly obscure comic book reference (Hellboy). 100 nerd points to me.


Oh, and congrats on your new system. Post screenshots of "Powerful Baseball Game" if you can; I'd love to see 'em.



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