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X-men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse (PS2, Xbox,GC,PC) with online play!

Romier S

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A little satisfying pre-E3 coverage here from IGN spotlighting the next X-men game from Raven software. The first game was a nice suprise and featured some good action-RPG style gameplay with everyones favorite mutants. The sequel is going to be improving on that game in a number of ways by allowing every character to be selectable right from the start. The game will also allow you to play as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants which means you can combine forces and Magneto and Wolvering teaming up (playing as Magneto is worth the price of the game alone!). X-men Legends 2 will also include four player online play for the Xbox, PS2, and PC! Take a read of the article here .


Raven Software listened to the concerns following X-Men Legends and are addressing the most distressing aspects of gameplay. Every character now features more than double the active powers and all can be accessed on-screen using the D-Pad and corresponding face buttons. Powers are also a bit deeper, so that characters don't feel like carbon copies of one another. In fact, one of the reasons for splitting the roster between X-Men and Brotherhood was to limit the number of similarly-powered mutants available. A few characters have had radical transformations, including Nightcrawler who now wields two swords and has a bevy of new swashbuckling moves.


As with the original, levels support four characters battling enemies at one time. Any combination from one to four players can take control of these characters, switching to any uncontrolled character with the touch of a button. Online this remains true and transitioning between online and offline play should be relatively smooth. Any time you want to open the game to new online players, just hop to an HQ (remember, you can do this at any time), let in new players and hop back into the level. In this way, players can play one level alone, the next with two friends on their couch and then finish things off with an online buddy.


The Skirmish and Sparring modes return, both for online and offline play. Once more players can take the role of just about any character in the game -- good, bad or indifferent and duel it out in arena battles. Adding online play to the mix is merely icing on the cake.


Unfortunately, Activision cannot yet confirm downloadable content or any special bonus for having a completed X-Men Legends I save on your system.

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For those planning on purchasing the game for online play...


It requires that all players use the same television standard' date=' video mode and resolution to play online together.


Fucking wonderful. :mad:[/quote']


Even on the PC? That is seriously, seriously messed up. It's bad enough stopping NTSC and PAL players from co-operating.

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Picked it up at lunchtime & have had a quick three player game. It's definitely "more of the same" as sequels go - more characters, more polish etc. Graphics have had an upgrade, animations are smoother, and it controls much the same. Haven't gotten far story wise. Got the same unlocks to get, same danger room to use etc.


Definitely for fans of the first.

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I know a few of us are playing this. Just wondering how far others have got and what teams they have been using.


I just beat Abyss, and im about to start the Savage Lands. My team has been Magneto, Scarlett Witch, Juggernaut and Storm. however im thinking about switching out Magneto for Iceman or Cyclops

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I just started Act 3, the one after the Savage Lands. The tombs/chambers in that act get really dark. So far, my team's been Wolvy, Magneto, Jean Grey & Juggernaut, haven't had any problems with that combo so far.


I just saw you on. I'm just starting the game. I'm off all week on vacation so I'm going to put in some serious time into the game.

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I got this game now, and so do JTello and Jason. None of us played the first one. For me, I am just learning the basics. What moves and powers to use and when. So far I don't like wolverine, he is borning. I like Magneto for robots. Cyclops is pretty cool. Didn't know I had SUPER moves. Gotta figure that out. Combos I guess are important , but I haven't really figured that out. Perhaps will be easier with co-op friends?

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Perhaps will be easier with co-op friends?

Not if you refer to using the games menu system which is a mess online. Raven did very little to acclimate the various menus for online play. It's all very bare bones, cumbersome, and requires more effort than it's worth to deal with (hence why we usually let the system do all of the character upgrades and gear selection for us when we hop online). Thankfully, the underlying game is extremely fun online regardless which makes up for everything mentioned. That is afterall the important part. So, iIf you want to hop online and play for awhile Keith, send me an AIM or get a game started in the online area. 4 player online matches can be very enjoyable.

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