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Full list of Live enabled games??


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Should we start a thread that lists all current and upcoming live enabled games? I searched the official X-box site but they do not list upcoming games.


It would be nice to go one place and see all that is available, and have it updated like the 5.1 & 16:9 thread on the HTF.


Anyone else think this is a good idea, or am I just really bored? :oops:

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I'm moving this to the Xbox forum -- the Live sub forum is for organizing games on Xbox Live and discussion of technical support only.


As to your question, it's my understanding that the calendar feature on these forums is a stop-gap until the main site goes up. Perhaps such a list is also in the works?


Until then, feel free to make a new thread to list upcoming Live titles.


May I suggest that you then edit the first post in the thread to keep things up to date? It would save people from wading through a long list of "yeah, and Such-and-Such is Live-enabled." I'm sure Joey the Xbox LevelBoss would pin the topic if there is interest.



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