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Virtua Tennis PSP bound. YES!

Romier S

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Here is the report from Gamespot:




Sega today announced that it will be serving up a game of tennis on the PlayStation Portable. Virtua Tennis: World Tour, the on-the-go heir apparent to 2002's PlayStation 2 game Sega Sports Tennis, is scheduled for release this fall on the PSP. The game is currently in the works from UK-based studio Sumo Digital, the developer of OutRun 2 for the Xbox.


The game will feature three modes: world tour, exhibition, and tournament. Gamers will be able to make their own tennis star, or they can choose from a roster of pros. Players will be able to serve and volley on hard, clay, grass, and carpet courts, and they can even play up to three other PSP owners with the unit's wireless capabilities.


Yeah, instant purchase here. Not even a game I need to think twice about buying. Hopefully Sega will add a nice full on online mode. :rock







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This was by far my favorite game on the DC. The thing that worries me is that it's not the same developer (unless the team moved with the game). I believe that good games only become great games in the hands of great developers. There was obviously some sort of magic in the DC version of Virtua Tennis. I really hope this magic can return on a different system with different developers.

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Well, this has been the only portable game I've played much of over the last month (minus 1 night of SOCOM beta), having got my hands on it shortly after the European launch, and I'd say that EUrogamer review was dead on. This game is easily as addicting as the DC version, offering up a plethora of things to do. I'll admit, the only thing I've done is play the World Tour, mostly doing the challenges to level up my 2 characters and playing the occasional tournament when one comes up on the calendar. There's alot of variety available here and the wireless modes makes me wish I knew at least one other person locally with a PSP so I could play some head to head.


The game has very nice visuals and controls quite well. It takes a bit of getting used to the swing timing, but I found that to be the case in the previous iterations of Virtua Tennis as well. MY biggest frustation is in judging depth of shots coming at me, I'll often think i'm positioned fine only to have the ball just barely pass over me. However, I think this is a problem that has more to do with the screen size than anything else (i've been having similar issues in Burnout legends, cars just come seemingly out of nowhere, epsecially once you are driving the bigger cars and I tend to hit things I can avoid while playing on the TV), and I'll likely get used to it.


Anyways, with this coming out today, it's easy to recommend this game. The PSP needed a quality title minus the bugs *cough*Madden*cough*and this surely delivers.

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