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Media Player on PS2/Xbox

James T

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I just came from a store and noticed that Gameshark developed something that allows users to play media files through your PS2 and on your tv. Has anyone used this software? How's the quality on it? Is it just as bad as playing computer games using your television as a monitor?


I know Microsoft developed a similar program, but you can also mod your Xbox and get more out of it that way.

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I picked up the Gameshark Media player software for the PS2 recently as it was only $10 at Best Buy and I had jsut bought a wireless network adapter for the gaming machines in my living room. It's a relatively acceptable program for mp3 and jpeg playback, but I wouldn't bother with it if video playback is your primary desire as it was very finicky about what it would play. The interface is very basic and works for the most part, but needed improvements in how it sorts files (you best bet is to make sure that everything on the PC you are streaming the media off of is VERY well organized) and playback controls. Setup was relatively easy, which was a bonus. I was really only concerned with mp3 playback, so it mostly met my needs as a cheap and easy way to wirelessly stream music for the time being.


There are thread here for the Xbox Music Mixer and here for the Xbox Media Center Extender.

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