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Sega bringing Gunstar Super Heroes to the GBA

Romier S

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Ah, the little system still has some life left it in yet, despite heavywieghts like the DS and PSP. Sega just recently announced a new update to its classic run and gun Genesis shooter; Gunstar Heroes. You can read the full report on Gamespot here .


Sega today announced that Gunstar Super Heroes for the Game Boy Advance will be in stores this fall. The game is the sequel to the 1993 Sega Genesis 2D shooter Gunstar Heroes. The lead characters, Red and Blue, return for more gun-totin' action.


I wasn't too hot on the Guardian Heroes update on the GBA. It was decent but it paled in comparison to it's Saturn counterpart in every way possible. I'm very hopeful Sega can do something fantastic with this one. I expect nothing less than Metal Slug Advance quality (a game every shooter fan should own if you have a GBA).

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Judging by the interest level of this thread, I don't think many will much care about a lowly old GBA game with the DS and PSP to contend with but Gunstar Super Heroes will be hitting stores tommorrow I believe. Gamespot has thier review up:


Gamespot awards it an 8.9


I love Treasure, I love Gunstar, and I'll have this tommorrow.:tu

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I picked this up yesterda along with Resident Evil 4. I've unfortunately not had a chance to acutally sit down and play it though. I hope to get to doing so tonight, but I have a couple of game reviews to finish and I'd like to get some impressions up for Call of Cthulhu so we'll see how things go. Huge fan of Gunstar Heroes here in case you guys haven't noticed.:D

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