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New Xbox....Old gaming!

Romier S

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Yeah, so a new Xbox is coming out. WHOOP DEE DO! :P Seriously though, we've got this new system announcement and I think it would be fun to do some online coop/adversarial in a few games. Which games you might ask and when? Here's the plan for tommorrow Friday the 13th! Yes I hereby dub this Jason Vorhee's gaming night!


I say we start out at 7pm with Spikeout Battlestreet. I've got a good bit of the levels unlocked and would love to break this one out again. At 8-8:30pm we can move onto a few matches in Phantom Dust and at 9pm we can do either 4-player adversarial in Splinter Cell or we can split up and do some 2-man coop!


Here it is for you folks that want it easy:


7pm - Spikeout Battlestreet

8pm- Phantom Dust

9pm - Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

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