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mac software question

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Hi All,


I recently purchased a Powerbook G4. I love it, and am glad to be able to use a Mac again, up until now I've only been working on them when I was in school.


There's one program I was using on PC that I really miss though. Adobe Audition. I wasn't using it for beats/loops or anything, but I'd plug my turntables into the line input so I record them as WAV files and convert to CD.


Alas, Audition is not available for Mac's, apparently Adobe is being stubborn. Is there a comparable piece of software? I was looking at Soundtrack Pro - will that do what I was doing with Audition? Or is there a different program I should look into?


Lastly, what is the quality in sound comparing an .aiff file to a .wav file?


Any help is much appreciated!



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So you need an audio recording app? One thing you can try that you should already have is GarageBand. It comes with new Macs, along with iMovie HD, iDVD, iTunes and iPhoto. I've never done any recording in GarageBand, but I know it does multi-track recording, so stereo recording should be doable.


Another option (not free) is WireTap Pro from Ambrosia, one of the best shareware companies out there.


I know there are a lot of other programs that will do this, but I've not used any of them, so I can't compare.


AIFF and WAV are both uncompressed, so they sound identical at a given bit/sample rate.

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