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Guild Wars - Trading/Selling thread

Romier S

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Well, it's been requested by a couple of guild members, so here it is. This thread is meant for trading and selling items to fellow guild members as needed. I know guildmates would dictate that we shouldn't need to sell items off to each other but given the money needed for armor and what not, not everyone can afford to give away top level items. Please keep the prices within reason. Most of us are aware of market value for most items of course. Also, please update this thread with whether the item has been sold or traded so we don't have folks asking about stuff that isn't available.



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God, where to begin..


Items for trade of you can claim it for free if you need:


-1 Elementalist Rune of Major Energy Storage +10 to energy (-50 to health on it)

-2 Elementalist Runes of Minor Air Magic

-2 Elementalist Rune of Minor Water Magic

-1 Monk Rune of Minor Healing Magic

-1 Necro Rune of Minor Soul Reaping

-1 Mesmer Rune of Minor Fast Casting

-1 Sundering Sword Hilt +10% Armor Penetration (5% chance)

-1 Staff Wrapping of Fortitude +21 to health

-1 Hammer Grip of Enchanting +10% longer enchants

-1 Hammer Grip of Hammer Mastery +1 to Hammer

-1 Axe Grip of Warding Armor +5 (ITEM GIVEN AWAY)

-2 Leather Squares

-5 Linen

-8 Silk

-102 Hides


Items for Sale:


-Rare Gold Double Bladed Axe of Fortitude. 6-26dmg. +28 to health. Can be upgraded. ITEM SOLD


-Rare Purple Ram's Hammer. Req.11 in Hammer. 18-31dmg/+11dmg to Hexed foes/Armor Penetration +10 (6% chance)/Hammer Mastery +1. Price: 3,000 Gold (I'll also throw in a Hammer Mastery Rune for free)


-Rare Purple Scroll. Earth based. Requires 10 in Earth magic. +11 to Energy. Price: 300 Gold

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God' date=' where to begin..


[b']Items for trade of you can claim it for free if you need:[/b]


-1 Mesmer Rune of Minor Fast Casting

-5 Linen

-8 Silk



I could certainly use the Mesmer rune, and the linen or silk depending on what armor I make, still have to decide on that. I have an elem rune, but it's air magic which I assume you don't use.

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Well, I'm interested in both, but I don't want to be greedy. I'm more interested in the Major healing rune. Those above were the only two runes I have to give, but I'd be happy to purchase it off of you.


And cancerbox, consider the ax handle reserved for you.



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