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2 small questions about Windows XP.

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When I right click on start, to open the explore window, I hate the fact that there are a shit load of my directories all exploded open, looking sloppy. I clean it up everytime to look like this:



My computer

My Network Places

Recycle Bin


But, I can't find anything to save this config when I close out explore. So, it's a waste of time since each time I reopen explore, everything is back to hanging open and looking cluttered.


Is there some way to save the directory tree to show only what you want when you go into explore?


Second question is about the little avatar/icon in front of the website names, saved under Favorites.


Some websites have their own unique logo that gets saved with the webpage and show up in front of the page name in your favorites, pulldown menu. For some reason, all mine show is the damn Explorer logo after I close it out and restart it.


How do you save those little website logos?


Pretty useless questions, in the grand scheme of computing but, they're bugging me and I can't figure it out!!


Any help is, as always, appreciated. Thanks!! :tu

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For Explorer, your first problem is that you're opening it by right clicking on the Start button which opens it up in the Start Menu Directory. By default, Explorer opens in My Documents.


You can change the default directory that Explorer opens in through a short cut by adding /e,<path> to the target.



%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,c:\


Will open it on the C Drive (although expanded). The best that I can come up with for it being as small as possible, put


%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,


Comma required. This will open it to My Computer.

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How do you save those little website logos?


There was a program for 98, but I haven't seen it made available for XP. The reason why they keep disappearing is because they're temporarily saved in your browser cache. So when that gets cleared, your website icons disappear.

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