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City of Villains - Screenshots and trailers

Romier S

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If I just buy basic old CoH after this comes out, I still get to beat the living crap out of a bunch of irritating little goth kids from all over the internet, yes? :tu


(goes off to hide his old Sisters Of Mercy records before his words come back to haunt him)

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Here's a quote from one of the developers, stolen from elsewhere:


Quick note on this...


CoV is a stand-alone game which connects with CoH. If you just have one or the other, you play in their respective worlds. If you have both, you play in both worlds, as well as some overlapping areas.


You also pay a single subscription fee for both which will be the CoH feel plus a little (between "none and not much" right now). The Dev team doesn't want to charge anymore, but that might not be financially possible, so an extra $5 it might be.


As for it simply being a model/texture swap with CoH, I guess it depends on how you define a new game. From what I've experienced, I'd say it's closer to a sequel than an upgrade. Basic gameplay remains unchanged, but there are a lot of added elements. In-mission cutscenes, a different set of mission goals (along with the old ones) a strong emphasis on PvP (between Villians and Heroes and Villians and Villians) the ability to command a force of your own minions. But, in the end, it's still CoH from an enemy's point of view.


Oh and it's prettier. So much prettier.


-AM Urbanek

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Gamespot has a new Q&A with the folks at Cryptic. Included is the first actual in-game footage of Villains. They show off some of the new architecture, new outfit options, graphical effects, and yes ladies and gentleman FULL PIXEL SHADED BUMPED MAPPED WATER! (the only blight on the City of Heroes engine is finally being fixed.). I've gone ahead and uploaded the video for you onto the server. You can view it here:


City of Villains trailer


You can also read the Q&A here:




They discuss how the base building is going to work, PVP and the new power crystals. Really dying to play this. I always liked City of Heroes but anyone that played with me knows how terribly I wanted to be a bad guy. :D

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