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Tabula Rasa - New Sci-Fi MMO Screens and trailer

Romier S

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I finally got into the BETA for this game, so far I'm really meh on the game. The quest haven't been fun at all and the combat doesn't feel rewarding at all, and the game loves to crash on my machine. I'm going to give it more time as I've read several other people post on how much they like it. So far though I don't see myself picking up the full game this fall, especially if Hellgate turns out to be awesome.

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I've been in beta for a while now and I actually just uninstalled it. I was very "meh" on this one as well the whole time I was testing it and for the same reasons kelley mentioned: boring combat, crashy client, same-ol same-ol quests... Was really hoping for a good new Sci Fi MMO but I guess this one won't be it :(

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Yep, I'll be sticking with LOTRO for my MMO fix and Quake Wars for my shooter fix. I'm just so disappointed in this one.


Another thing that got me was how dated the graphics look, LOTRO blows this thing away. Seriously, I thought it was City of Heroes level of graphics quality and that game is 3-4 years old now.

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