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Nintendo conspiracy theory

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There's some cracked out rumors going around about the Nintendo Revolution that Nintendo is playing games with a guerilla hint campaign (pretty popular these days, eh? Ilovebees anyone? I didn't post it in the main Nintendo Revolution thread 'cause this could all just be B.S. Interesting read though. The author and a bunch of people are talking about the weird occurances (like the crazy helmet video from IGN).



Interestingly, when you go to http://www.nintendoon.com it redirects to the cube.ign.com link to the revolution mockup is a fake story...




But IGN doesn't say why it is fake...? They say "it is not real" but don't state any reason why.

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The video is fake because the guy who made it, who also made the cool 3D Mario video from a while back, came out & said so.


I've seen this conspiracy thread on GamingAge, and I think it's a load of bollocks to be honest. There's not going to be a big Nintendo announcement tomorrow or Friday because it's just not the way things are done. They've had their press conference, they've revealed what they want to reveal for E3.

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These guys have a better and more coherent page going on it...





And here, about the quote taken straight from nintendo.com:




""Word has it a secret alcove can be found deeper within the creature which houses the precious Nintendo Revolution. But gaining access to the Shangri-la of tomorrow?s video game generation is to remain an electronic dream.""



Obviously some sort of game is being played by someone.

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