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Interview with Miyamoto up at IGN

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There is an interesting interview with Shigeru Miyamoto posted at IGN in which he talks about his company's plans for the Revolution, the DS, and the E3 showing.


An excerpt: on why Nintendo didn't show the controller for the Revolution,


I'd love to show it to you. I'd love to be able to show you the features of the Revolution controller and tell you about them. However, unfortunately if we do that too early those ideas would be stolen. We know that from past history. Analog stick. Boom - gone. Rumble Pak. We bring it out and everybody has to have rumble. We got the wireless out first and now there's wireless everywhere. So we have to keep it under wraps.
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Stolen? The other companies have already shown their controllers. Weak.
I doubt that Sony's controller is final. Many people here hope it isn't. I wouldn't be surprises if there are changes to the 360 controller before launch - though I don't expect anything big. Nintendo's points are well-taken though. They have innovated over the years, while others have emulated. Their next system will probably be less powerful and feature-packed as the competition, but as usual they seem to have something innovative up their belt. I don't blame them for protecting it. Sony already stole their duel screen idea with the PS3.


Besides, why show the controller unless they have a really good game to demonstrate its use? If I were them I'd wait for said game to be ready before showing their controller (out of context) for journalists and fans to trip all over themselves with premature analysis.


All that being said, Nintendo has always been on an ego trip. It's kind of charming.

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The xbox360 and Ps3 controllers are already shown for heavans sakes. Nintendo is building there system around the new controller type. Sony isnt all of a sudden gonna take there system in that other direction to alienate there 3rd party support

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I think it is smart of Nintendo, why serve the wine before it's time? Like stated above, without games or the hardware to back it up the impact is lessened and if it is REALLY cool it will no doubt be stolen by others. Although if they wanted to keep this secret weapon under wraps, maybe they shouldn't be mentioning it at all?


I think the secret is that the Revolution uses a fully functional Xbox 360 as its main controller. Yeah Nintendo!!!

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