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Sat down with this for a while tonight. Here are my early impressions:


This game sure feels like MVP, which is a good thing. Control is pretty much spot-on with the Xbox version, sans pressure-sensitivity. Keep in mind I've only played in Rookie mode just to get a feel for things.


Pitching: The same meter system is utilized, and it works great. For the first inning or so, the touchy analog nub felt pretty sensitive. However, I became accustomed to the feel and ended up throwing 10 strikeouts.


Batting: Same deal here as well. Easy to get into, although the color-coded system for FB vs. offspeed from the console counterpart is gone. I hit three homeruns on the Rookie setting. I also hit a few opposite field base hits and doubles.


Baserunning: This seems even improved for some reason. I was able to score from second on a base hit up the middle, something that seems almost impossible on the Xbox. I stole one base, was caught twice. Sliding is a bit confusing, as it uses the R-trigger - will have to get used to that.


AI: Very, very nice. AI's pitching warmups and substitutioins were done just right and built suspense in the later innings. I hit into a nice DP to the SS who reached out to tag a passing runner and then throw to first. Didn't expect that.


Graphics: Very good, the best I've seen in a portable baseball game, but a bit dull at the same time. I think I've been spoiled by shiny helmets on the Xbox. Faces are easy to recognize. Stadiums are fine, although fans look like cardboard cut-outs. This wasn't a deal-breaker in any way, just a bit funny looking from certain angles.


Rosters: A mess. Sosa is still on the Cubs, Womack is still in an old Jersey, etc. This is kind of inexcusible given the release date. Again, not a deal-breaker, but EA would be smart to release a roster update as a download.


Overall: Love it. I look forward to starting a season in MVP mode. I haven't tried MLB, so I can't compare it to that, but this is the MVP I've grown to love over the past couple years with very few compromises, none that I care about in a portable game of baseball.

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I dont see any support for roster updates . Im lucky as the mets only had 2 more moves after the cut off date for the game and they were easy trades. You would think the game was delayed for two months they would have the correct rosters.


Its my only complaint though. the game is excellent



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That would rock.


Is it just me, or does the CPU go on some ridiculous hitting rallies? No matter where I was pitching, no matter how many pitchers I brought in, I gave up 15 hits and 10 runs in a row last night in the 5th game of my season after going up 4-1 in the standings. WTF? It's as if the CPU decided it was winning that game.


OH! And after my very second game the CPU tells me that Bernie Williams FRACTURED his femur and would be out at least 45 days.

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Found that knocking the CPU's hitting slider down really makes the game more realistic' date=' as well as their running slider. On default, it is a HR fest for the CPU.




I played around with the CPU's contact meter, but only turned it down to maybe -5 or so. What did you do? I think it goes down to -50.

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Josh' date='


I turned the pitch speed down to -4, the contact to -5, and the power one down to -7. I am playing on Pro. Other difficulty modes may require more tweaking. I am still in the process of getting it right.




Ah, didn't see the Power slider - that may explain why every time the CPU makes contact it's a HR or gapper.


Thanks! And, yes, please do upload your roster updates since it seems EA is out to lunch.

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