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More Romero zombie flick remakes

Jeff W

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Some of the boys behind the remakes of The Amityville Horror, Terror Train and The Wicker Man are back again and remaking George Romero's classic zombie splatterfest Day of the Dead,




More zombie movies are always a good thing so long as the name Uwe Boll is not attached to them.

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They remade the Wicker Man? My goodness, why? It was a cool B flick with a nice twist, but not exactly an action packed horror film or anything.


The Wicker Man remake is currently in production. Neil Labute is writing and directing, and Nicholas Cage starring. I just wanted to put my head in an oven when I first heard about the remake finally going ahead. I rather like LaBute's work too and never expected him of all people to piss me off in such a way. It?s just so pointless.


I don't so much mind remakes of what were bad movies in the first place, but remakes of movies that were so utterly unique in their own right drive me insane, especially when genuinely good filmmakers decide to sink to the level of the more average directors out there and look to "re-imagining" an old project. It?s hard to rely on even the decent filmmakers these days and not see them slip into that trap of creative bankruptcy.



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