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CRT monitor flaking... Time for LCD so which ones to look at?


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My 17 inch Samsung monitor that I got on clearance several years back is flaking out on me. I game quite a bit and do several lan parties in which I'd much prefer an LCD monitor. So which ones should I look at given my requirements?



19" or bigger.

16ms or less response time

1280x1024 or better. Would prefer 1600x1200.

DVI input.



Current computer:

Amd64 3500+

BFG 6800 GT-OC

1 gig ram etc etc.


The problem will be COST. I know they are coming down but how low can I go? Is under $400 a pipe dream?


FWIW, I figured it belonged here due to the primary focus for gaming. Move it if you feel necessary. No problem here.

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