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Best CRT monitor?


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I'm currently looking at the Viewsonic P225fb, but I'm still open to suggestions.


I recently owned Dell's 2405FPW (LCD) for a short time. Turns out I really don't like LCDs for gaming, so I figure I'll just get me a big old CRT for now (until the next big monitor tech comes around).


Nobody seems to stock CRTs or have them on display anymore (especially the bigger ones), limiting me to internet research, so any opinions appreciated.

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For my money, Aperture Grille displays still have the best picture out of any other monitor I've seen (although when I first saw them I thought the two lines would drive me nuts), as well as good refresh rates at high resolutions. I know computer snobs, who are also gamers, that swear by LCD now, but I still can't get used to them. The size is nice, but the picture quality just isn't as sharp.


The viewsonic looks good. I've got a Samsung SyncMaster 900NF with a 19" Aperture Grille from Mitsubishi that I've had for years. Still love it, and I'll probably cry when it finally dies.

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Once you've seen one' date=' you'll never consider another brand. They aren't cheap, but they're worth every penny. Unfortunately, not many places in America seem to carry them.[/quote']


Funky. Never heard of them before. They sound pretty hardcore, but even Eizo themselves seems to have given up on their CRTs (they're all discontinued) :( I'll search a little to see what can still be ordered online, though...

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