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PSP Software Update

Chris F

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I just checked on my PSP and it sees the update, but won't download it because you need to have 14MB free on your memory stick (I have 10MB free)! I'm surprised that the update is that large. I have yet to buy a larger 'Stick and assumed that I wouldn't need to for a long time to come since I only have a few pictures, and game saves on it.


Is this Sony's way of making you invest in a larger MS? Jeez.

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It only needs that 14MB for the download. After the update process you can delete it. No real rush to get it though - all it does is require that executed code be signed(so you can't run homebrew software).


I thought about that afterward, still it's a bit of a pain to shuffle files around to update.


It's funny because I read a while back that v1.5 fixed the unsigned executable thing, which is why the GameBoy emulator could only run on v1.0. Maybe someone has cracked 1.5?

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Did they ever issue a software update that prvents Wipeout from being used as an Internet browser?


I'm surprised but glad that they thought ahead enough to implement a relatively easy way to update the PSP software. However, I would be concerned about possible stealth fixes for things like the Wipeout browser just so that they can sell/release an official Sony browser.

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