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Game Console Hardware Designs: What Do You Look For?


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E3 has come and gone, and we now know what the next generation is going to look like. Or at the very least, we know what it's going to look like sitting on our equipment racks. The designs for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Revolution have all been revealed, and with them a multitude of opinions on the designs of the systems themselves. Some like the way these new consoles look, but many more it seems think that the consoles are poorly designed or flat out ugly.


My question is why? Why does it seem like the first reaction people have to seeing these designs is a negative one? I remember similar reactions to the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube when they were first unvieled, and it strikes me as odd that many hate the sleek designs of the new consoles. I guess I've always considered video game consoles to be ugly, so I'm happy when I see the sleekness of the PS3 and Xbox 360 and the simple, minimalist design of the Revolution. In my opinion, they're certainly an improvement over past designs because they look more sophisticated than the machines of old.


My question is, what do you look for in a game console's looks? What colors do you like? What kind of shape? Do you like it to be rack mountable? How big should it be? What color lights should it have on the front?


Not only that, but which consoles from the past do you think looked hot from a design standpoint?

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I like the "future-ristic" look of the new systems.


I really like how the new X-box looks a bit like a PC Custom Tower. YMMV



As far as old systems? I like the NES it was the first system to give us a door that concealed the game slot and thus the game it self.


On the flip side I liked the Gennies sp? SNES and N64, style because it harkened back to the top loading game slots like the Atari. I also dug the Gennis system for the build in headphone jack in the console so you still play games at night on school nights with sound. :P

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I really like the design of the Xbox360 because it makes me think of a cool looking small PC. It's the first console that I think "man that'll look cool sitting there"...of course I haven't the slightest clue where "there" is since I want to stand it up. I guess I just want something that looks kind of like things I already have....nothing too different.

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Low on bright LEDs (the green power LED slim PS2 light is aggravating)


NOT HORIZONTAL (I've never understood the horizontal thing)


Preferably black or silver to keep in line with other A/V equipment


Small (some of us already have lots of consoles).


Stackable in a pinch


There's a reason I like the Revolution's design the best. It's small, sleek and unobtrusive. :D



NOT remotely BLING BLING or Riceburner-style LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I AM DOPEY


(Luckily all the consoles this generation seem OK)

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I just want them to be simple looking & preferably black or silver, to match the other components in my AV rack, plus they need to fit on the rack. The color of the lights doesn't matter to me. The Gamecube is the only system in the past that I've ever really had a problem with, as it took up way too much space vertically on the entertainment rack, especially as you had to leave extra space to insert/remove the disc...plus it was purple. (I waited until I could buy one in black for that reason alone)


All of the new systems are satisfactory to me & I think the Revolution is small enough that it will fit side-by-side with the 360, saving me a shelf on the rack.

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I could care less about the design of the system. As long as there are plenty of decent games to play on it, I'll find room to store it if it's too big, or places to hide it if it's too small. Black is a nice colour, since Black goes with everything.


Then again, I didn't even complain about the original Xbox controller

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I'm usually ok with all the aesthetics of all consoles once they are released. Lately I have really gotten hooked on the "Limited Edition" consoles. I wish these companies would show the US some love when it comes to limited edition consoles. Microsoft had great success when they released the Green Halo Xbox as it sold out very fast. I have a crystal xbox that I imported from Canada and it looks really good. I also imported the Midnight Blue gameboy Advance. I have also seen some of the Aqua, Silver, White and Midnight Blue PS2 consoles that look really nice, however, these things only get released overseas. I would like to have a couple of color choices when it comes to consoles.


I saw some photos of Nintendo's new system and there were some additional colors that looked really nice. I bet we will get stuck with black here in the states.

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