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DVD Round Up 5/29-6/4


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Sun/Monday Memorial Day Special

10% OFF Regularly Price TV DVD Sets


Normal Sales

Boogeyman w/ exclusive dvd Low Price

Over the Top $9.99

The Parent Trap $14.99(New One)

James Dean Collection $54.99

East of Eden $19.99

Rebel Without a Cause $19.99

Steve McQueen Collection $49.99

Bullet $19.99

Cincinatti Kid $14.99

Disney Extreme fun DVD's $9.99 Each

Moonlighting S1/2 $39.99

Dukes of Hazzard S3 $29.99(Free DOH movie ticket)

Blade Trinity $16.99


RZ members price after $5 off

Greatest American Hero $16.99

21 Jumpstreet S1 $24.99

Dukes of Hazzard S2 $27.99

Miami Vice S1 $34.99

Magnum PI S2 $34.99

A-Team S2 $34.99




Sun-Mon Memorial Day Sale

$12.99 Movies

Oceans Twelve

Lemoney Snicket

Napolean Dynamite

The Incredibles



Normal Sales

Boogeyman Low Price

East of Eden $19.99

Rebel Without a Cause $19.99

Dukes of Hazzard S3 $29.99(Free DOH movie ticket)

Submerged $19.99

Saw $15.99

Are We There Yet $19.99

Aviator $17.99

Chappelles Show S2 $24.99

Team America $19.99


$9.99 DVD's



Bourne Identity

Saving Private Ryan

Schindlers List

Pirates of the Carribbean


Chronciles of Riddick

Bourne Supremecy


The Terminal

Pitch Black

Eternal Sunshine

Van Helsing

Euro Trip

The Rundown

Along Came Polly

Meet the Parents

The Punisher

Pulp Fiction

Kill BilL V1

Kill Bill V2

Half Baked

The Color Purple

Ice Age

Bridget Jones Diary

50 First Dates

Johnson Family Vacation

13 going on 30

Blazing Sadles



Hollow Man $12.99

Boogeyman $15.99

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