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'Live 8' global concert lineup

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In aid of raising awareness of global poverty Bob Geldof has managed to throw together another simultaneous global concert extravaganza taking place on the 2nd of July at various venues around the world to coincide with this years G8 summit.


London: Hyde Park


Annie Lennox

Bob Geldof


The Cure


Elton John

Joss Stone


The Killers


Mariah Carey


Paul McCartney



Robbie Williams

Scissor Sisters

Snow Patrol




Velvet Revolver



Philadelphia: Museum of Art


50 Cent

Bon Jovi

The Dave Matthews Band

Il Divo


Kaiser Chiefs

Keith Urban

Maroon 5

Puff Daddy

Rob Thomas

Sarah McLachlan

Stevie Wonder

Will Smith



Berlin: Brandenburg Gate




Brian Wilson

Crosby, Stills and Nash

Die Toten Hosen

Lauren Hill

Peter Maffay



Paris: Tuilleries Gardens


Andrea Bocelli

Axelle Red

Calo Gero

Craig David



Manu Chao



Yannick Noah

Youssou N'Dour



Rome: Circus Maximus


Duran Duran

Faith Hill

Irene Grandi


Laura Pasini


Tim McGraw

Vasco Rossi



The only way to even get to the London one is to take part in a mobile phone text message lottery by answering multiple choice questions set out on BBC Radio at 8am on the 6th of June.



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Confirmed over the weekend, the London concert has been certifiably knocked up another notch by adding Pink Floyd to the list of performers, but to sweeten the deal even further Roger Waters will be back with them playing for the event!


Holy FUCK! I need a plane ticket....

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The ticket lottery ended late last night I believe. Basically the only way you could get a ticket was to answer a multiple choice question via your mobile phone, and text in your answer at a cost of ?1.50. You could send a text as many times as you want. The cost of those messaging in doesn't go to a charity, but goes to fund the event itself. Basically next week they pick people at random so they only way to be there is a) be acelebrity and blag your way in, or B) be lucky and get selected.


I lost complete track of the closing date for entries and subsequently never got to message in the answer a few times in the hope of getting a ticket. Whoops.



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There's a bit of information on that very issue right here as it happens:


One option being considered is to allow Live 8 tickets to be auctioned, with eBay agreeing to match the money they make with a donation. Another option is to ban the sale of Live 8 tickets on the website, but with thousands of items being listed each day the policy would be difficult for the website’s management to police.


“We are in contact with Live 8 to see how we can work together,” said an eBay spokesman. Live 8 organisers declined to comment until an agreement had been reached, but their website warns: “Tickets for Live 8 London are not being made available for sale. If you purchase a ticket from anyone you risk being refused entry at the event and losing the money you paid for the ticket.”



(the bit about the wristbands is shocking! Why would anyone pay that?)



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Well over here the BBC are basically going to cover the entire event on almost all their channels. According to The Live 8 website you'll be able to watch it online on AOL too, and I am assuming that will be a stream open to all and not just AOL subscribers (it will stream all the concert venues, not just London).



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It begins (and so much for eBay collaborating with the organisers):




People are deliberately getting together and bidding millions to stump the sellers so I wouldn’t take any of those bids for one million, three million, even ten million as serious. If they are then the world has gone absolutely insane.



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Is the US show free?


Very good question. I've honestly no idea. They have since added concerts for Japan, Russia and South Africa for tomorrow as well.


For the AOL streams tomorrow:



The Hyde Park concert kicks off at 1pm GMT. Coldplay are due on fairly early I believe, with Pink Floyd ending the night (Paul McCartney will bookend the concert with performances at the start and finish apparently).



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Well it all seemed to go fairly well. The last hour of the Hyde Park show was strong. I'm not a Robbie Williams fan but he was one of the first to really have the crowd in the palm of his hand. Earlier in the day Annie Lennox was in my mind, the best performance, but once the night drew in The Who and Pink Floyd just stole the entire day. I'd have loved to have been there just for them.



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The MTV coverage was appalling at best. They never showed a set w/o cutting to their craptacular hosts and they even bothered to do that during Comfortably Numb which pissed more than a few people off.


Hopefully the dvd or whatever comes out will not do the same.

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Yeah, here in the US, AOL was the only sensible way to watch the concert, even with the mediocre quality of the streaming audio/video. MTV just butchered the event.


I understand XM satellite radio had multiple stations devoted to it...that makes me wish I'd had it at the time.


I too enjoyed The Who (err, Pete & Rog with a couple of fill-in guys that is) & Pink Floyd was a treat for sure.


Best moment though was the African girl they brought out 20 years after that footage they showed of her at Live Aid...that was moving. EDIT OMG it's been 20 years, not 10...I feel old now.


I look forward to the DVDs, since the TV coverage was so abysmal, it'll be like the first time viewing the concert.

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