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Painkiller Xbox bound and only 29.99

Romier S

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Saw this listing over at EBgames.com. It's certainly not final pricing but it looks like the Painkiller port for the Xbox is finally happening and will be released for a budget price of 29.99. Painkiller is a fairly straightforward shooter in the vien of Doom and other run and gun FPS. The graphics on the PC version were wondeful in high resolution and if you dig this style of game, you'll no doubt come away enjoying it as it does feature some really entertaining boss battles amidst the killing. The Xbox version also features a ton of content from the PC expansion; Battle Out of Hell


You can read a preview of the Xbox version here:




First thing's first, Painkiller on the Xbox is not a straight port of the original PC game. It's actually something of a director's cut between Painkiller and Battle Out of Hell. Essentially, developer People Can Fly has taken the best levels from both games and cut them together into one game. Considering that both games had a few levels that weren't so great and that all the levels were so disparate to begin with, this kind of creative editing seems like it wouldn't affect the storyline in any way, and indeed, the developers say that the story won't change at all. The game will also feature five new single-player maps, as well as five new multiplayer maps. On top of that, the Xbox version will include a new weapon (which DreamCatcher wouldn't talk about) and a brand-new multiplayer mode to go with all the existing multiplayer modes from the PC version (again, DreamCatcher wouldn't dish out the goods on what it is.) DreamCatcher also assured us that 16 players would be able to play online.


But seriously, how does it look? As is often the case with PC-to-Xbox ports (with perhaps the sole exception of Doom 3), Painkiller looks a little rougher around the edges than it did on the PC. Specifically, there was a fair amount of aliasing all over the environments, and some of the textures looked downright bad in certain areas. Others, however, looked pretty good, so it's likely that People Can Fly is still working on hammering those out. The frame rate ran mostly smoothly, though in the area with the less-pleasant textures, it did chop up somewhat during explosions. Furthermore, a lot of the rag-doll physics didn't seem to be present. DreamCatcher assured us that all the rag-doll physics from the PC game would be present in the final code and that the frame rate would run smoothly throughout the game. Now, with all of that said, the gameplay seemed to be totally intact. We played through only one section of the game, but the shooting felt just as satisfying as it did in the PC game, and the enemies still came out in the same kinds of overwhelming waves. So, in summary, it wasn't as nice to look at, but it plays just as good as its PC counterpart.


You can take a look at some screenies here:



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New trailer available for Painkiller has been posted over at IGN. It looks like the game made a great conversion over from the PC. As mentioned previously, if you're interested in a shooter more in the vein of Serious Same of Doom with a horror twist you'll definitely want to check this out at a budget price. Take a look here:


Painkiller Trailer

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Skinner - never played the game. I'm interested in getting it for the pc. I read that the boss battles are really hard. Is that true? I have enough problems with bosses and, if they're THAT hard, I'll just end up finding it frustrating.


I don't do frustrating... :P


Btw, nice avatar! :tu I was listening then too. Was back when they were cool/good. Don't get me started on the "post black album" garbage. :werd

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Agreed about Metallica, Black was still good, but they changed with the times too much after that...


About Painkiller... the bosses aren't really hard per say, they have a trick to them. Some just take the pain until they are dead, others, well, you'll see if you try it, but they aren't difficult. For example, one will require you to destroy certain objects on the level to make him vunerable, things like that.


I have to say, some of the levels in PK were outstanding, the 1st boss in the Graveyard, the airport terminal with mutated military type guys, wow, that stuff was amazing. I do believe they have a "gold" edition now for $30, that includes the original and the expansion, and some other stuff. I didn't care for the expansion, simply wasn't up to the same level as the original. But if you like fast Quake-like shooters, then Painkiller will fit the bill. If you have the PC to handle it, at 1200x1600, it was as beautiful as a game as they come a year ago...



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