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Battlefield 2


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Hey all, how is everyone? Long time no see :)


BF2 is in the air, release should be by the end of the month, the demo should be out in the next couple of weeks and a fresh new trailer is up for grabs. I just watched it 5 times and have to say its spectacular.


You have your choice of a few mirrors from here, no registration required at filefront.


95 mb.

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Folks, the Battlefield 2 demo will be out in less than an hour, over here:




It's exclusively debuting on gamespot, and u don't have to be a member to download it.


Here's the gamespot thread about it:



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Its good that the helo's and planes fly like crap, they are so overpowered and easy to fly in Vietnam (especially helo's) that it ruins the balance of the game.


This nothing like Desert Combat. This is a whole new engine and the depth of the game is unlike any other Battlefield.


All I can say is wow, EA put out a kickass demo. The 12 minute timer though is just plain silly.


I guess though after their mistake with Vietnam they really didn't want to screw this one up. :tu


Oh yeah, we have a couple of servers up.


WOLFGaming.net US-1 (50 player)

WOLFGaming.net US #2 (32 player)

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I'll agree with everything Michael said about the BF2 demo, EXCEPT the stuff about BF:V. I prefer BFV to BF1942 in a lot of repects and find it very enjoyable. It was a much more balanced experience after the patches.


I disliked Desert COmbat, so I was afraid I'd dislike BF2, but it's awesome in almost every repect. Runs smooth like butter on my rig as well.

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Man, I really wanted to love BF2, but my experiences with this demo are making it hard. So far my impressions have been:

  • The built in VOIP hates my sound card for some reason and won't detect any input from my microphone.
  • 5 minutes of unskippable intro crap every time you launch the demo.
  • Oh, no support for 1280x1024, thanks!
  • Hey buddy I'm playing single player mode, is there a reason you need to "verify my client" at the start of every game and almost lock up?
  • Nice single player AI. I think I get killed by my teammates more often than the enemy.
  • Thanks for setting all my video options back to low and forcing me to restart the demo every time I create a new account!
  • Apparently I have 0 ping to about 20% of all the multiplayer servers? That can't be right.
  • Let's randomly lock up half the time you try to refresh servers!
  • Hey it's done verifying my client data, now I can just click "Join Game"...oh, despite having just installed the demo, you say I have modified files and can't join. Thanks!
  • 110 ping, that's not too bad. So why the hell is this game running like I'm on dialup?
  • Servers full of spawn teamkillers. That's literally all they were doing.
  • Servers with no autobalance where everyone piles on the American team and the rounds are over in 30 seconds 192-0.
  • Finally find a game with acceptable lag and people who want to play the game, and get about half a round in. Don't worry though, PunkBuster saves the day again by coming out of fucking nowhere and kicking me for some bullshit reason.


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Starting to get the hang of flying the planes, just wish I could use my HOTAS set up. The ingame server browser is so fucking slow, hopefully they fix that in the first patch. Great game, just the people playing it suck....so what does one have to do to get involved into some of your games Kitlope?

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