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Ipod battery question

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Just caught the tail end of the news this morning that I believe it was said that Apple is issuing a $50.00 credit to people having trouble with Ipod batteries. Can anyone shed any light on this? My Ipod mini which claims to have an 8 hour battery life is closer to 4 hours. Thx.

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"We think it's a very good settlement, basically providing relief to the majority of the class that had failures," Gibbs said. "The negotiations with Apple were hard fought and at arms length and took quite a long time, but at the end of the day, the process worked like it was supposed to."



I have a 4th gen iPod, so I'm not getting any problems so far. But if the iPod is anything like a cell phone (and I've gone through plenty in the years), the capacity charge decreases as time goes on.

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