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Virgin Radio Listeners Poll on the Top 100 British Songs


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The Whole list is here


The top 10 are here:


1. Oasis ?Wonderwall


2. Queen ?Bohemian Rhapsody


3. Led Zeppelin ?Stairway to Heaven


4. The Beatles ?Let It Be


5. John Lennon ?Imagine


6. The Police ?Every Breath You Take


7. The Jam ?Going Underground


8. Verve ?Bittersweet Symphony


9. Robbie Williams ?Angels


10. The Stranglers ?Golden Brown


I like Oasis alot but #1??? :confused:

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It's a fairly conservative mix of traditional UK rock bands with the current mainstream favourites (Keane, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Stereophonics etc). Some of the choices of individual songs by artists is a bit odd, but oh well.


It should be noted that it's the top 100 British songs.

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The state of the music world, at least the general consumer’s attitudes toward the music world are so fickle here on British shores these days. This is a week where the most irritating mobile phone ring tone you could possibly imagine (dubbed the Crazy Frog) had its inane sound effects tacked on to a remix of Axel F and sales of the single sold well enough to rob Coldplay of the right of their first Number#1 single.


I just tend not to follow anything like this anymore, and in the UK on TV and radio you can’t move for these blasted pop culture themed polls where whatever inevitably ends up at number one is a film, book, song high on public consciousness for some reason or other, usually because it’s barely a decade old, and the majority of people who vote for these things are in their twenties with no interest in much that came before their time.


Fifteen years from now and all these eight year old kids who bought the Crazy Frog single will be voting that number#1 in a similar poll.



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As if to say "WTF?" to the Virgin listeners poll


They spend their time listening to Virgin Radio. "WTF?" is relevant in so, so many more important ways than this.


I'm not surprised in the least to find Oasis at No. 1 on the list. The channel's mission statement from the start seems to have been "a station for Oasis fans, so they don't need to hear any of that weird modern stuff with keyboards". They disowned Radiohead back when Kid A launched.

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