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UHF Fans?


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Badgers? Badgers? I didn't order no stinking Badgers



Conan The Libariain


What better way to say I love you then with a Spatula


This floors or dirty as hell and I'm not going to take any more







No whats UHF?

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"Uh oh! Bobbo fall down go boom."


"Guys, I'm trying to work here. Do you mind?"

"Uhh, I don't mind.... do you mind George?"


"Is this it?......Nope"


"And take that rediculous thing off!"


"What would RJ Senior say if he were alive today?"

"Help help, let me out of this box, I can't breath in here"


"Oh look.... they're reeeeally mad now"


"And they throw me out like a bag of moldy... tangerines"


"Wow! This is even better than I imagined!"


"Today we're going to learn how to make Plutonium out of common household items"


"Wait a minute... do I still get to be the Janitor?"


Ahhh, I could go all day. Just be thankful I didn't type out the ENTIRE Uncle Nutsy segment.

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