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Un-Deleting files

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Back in March, I deleted a folder from one of my HDD's, and I've come to realize that some data I need was in that folder.


I've got Norton Utilities, but I've cleared all the Norton Protected files since then, so I can't seem to recover the data that way.


I've downloaded a demo of a program called r-Undelete 2.1, and it sees the folder and my missing files, but I sure don't want to buy a license just to run the program once.


Anyone know where I might be able to find something free? A google search hasn't been very fruitful (yet).


I'm happy to accept PM's or emails if the suggestions break any forum rules.

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Thanks for the link, currently saving me a huge headache (windows corrupted again, blue screened on startup just after windows logo in both normal and safe modes).


I had some OS files get corrupted on a bad hard-drive and it wouldn't boot. The Knoppix LiveCD saved the day (and all of my personal files) by letting me boot to Knoppix and transfer my files to another PC on the network.

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That was an option. I screwed around with Knoppix for a while last night but it didn't want to play with my network and I was not in a frame of mind to be overly patient with it. I really need to sit down with that in a non angst instilling situation. I ended up going with File Scavenger since PC inspector was having issues and it seems like i'll be able to recover a good deal of things.

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