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The Podcasting Thread- What do you listen to?


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Well in the last month or so ive got into listening to podcasts. For those who dont know, Podcasts are online radio shows which you can download in many formats. The most used format is MP3 so you can download it to your portable device such as a Ipod (thus Pod cast). You can also listen to them on your PC with your favorite music software such as Itunes and WMP. Podcasts can be downloaded directly from a web site, Bit Torrent and a few other methods. The best way to get them is to find a Podcast collection program which lets you put all your subscription links into it, and it will download all the latest shows. Podcasts last on average from 10 minutes to a little over a hour. Its great if you go on long runs or walks, take the bus/train to work and so forth.


So who else listens to Podcasts? Id like to get a list of good shows going. Below I have posted links to the software i use, the podcasts i like , and some great podcast resources for those who want to see what all the fuss is about


1)Ipodder: is the program I use. Its very easy for people new to podcasting. Just put in the links to the podcast feeds and download them.- Supports PC, Mac and Linux

2)Doppler: The first program i used. Didnt like it as much. -PC Only

3)RSSradio:Havent tried this one yet - PC Ony

4)IpodderX:Considered to be the best OS X only software

Sites to find Podcast listings

1)Podcast Alley: My favorite Podcast Directory

2)Podcast.net: Another good site which is down at the moment

My Favorite Podcasts

I am listing the podcasts home web site first followed by the feed link which you would put into software like Ipodder above. The first few are Tech shows run by Leo Laporte. The rest are other random ones I like


1) This Week In Tech:http://feeds.feedburner.com/twit

This is the reason i got into Podcasts. Leo, Patrick, Kevin, Yoshi , Rob and more from the original The Screen Savers show on Tech TV have there own weekly hour long show. It gets better every week

2)The Laporte Report:http://feeds.feedburner.com/tlr

Random shows Leo Laporte is on, and so forth


3)KFI Radio Show:http://feeds.feedburner.com/kfi

A few times a month Leo Laporte does a tech show on the San Francisco Radio Station KFI. These are those shows without the commercials, traffic and so forth


4)Major Nelsons Podcast:http://feeds.feedburner.com/MajorNelsonblogcast

This podcast is by Larry Hryb who is the Director of programming for xbox live. Once and a while he has interviews with people who work on Xbox products, as well as his own thoughts on upcoming items


5)TheForce.net: http://feeds.feedburner.com/tfn

The SW Podcast to rule them all



Since Josh was gonna plug it anyway :) Its a good listen


7)The Chris Pirillo Show:http://www.thechrispirilloshow.com/subscriptions/mp3.xml

You may remember him from Tech TV's Call for Help


8)Ron Moore Battlestar Commentary: http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/downloads/podcast/podcast.xml

The shows creator does a DVD like Directors Commentary for the show. He started at Episode 9 in S1, but hopefully he does all of S2 as well


9): http://www.z100.com/podcast/PhoneTaps.xml


There are many more out there including some I have downloaded. I just havent had a chance to sample them yet though. I dont want to recommend them till i listen . I will add more as time goes on



Enjoy, and everyone else posts your favorite podcasts



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I was thinking about posting something like this for a while now but haven't gotten around to it. I'm suprised that there hasn't been much talk about Podcasting here before. I got into it earlier this year while at school, I listened to a lot of Podcasts and at one point was subscribed to around 40. I have quickly gotten rid of the ones that I just used as background noise while studying and have gotten my subscriptions down to around 15 that actually like to listen to.


Here's my list of favorites (too lazy to find the links, just do a search on PodcastAlley:


  • Area 51 - Comedy show with well produced (and quite wild) audio bits and sketches.
  • Earthcore - Podcast audio novel. It's a well written book performed in the style of "book on tape" by the author.
  • Hometown Tales - Ghost stories, legends and curiosities are discussed here, very entertaining.
  • Keith and the Girl - My favorite "couple-cast." Not for everyone, but I find it pretty funny.
  • Spacemusic - Weekly show of 2 hours of ambient, progressive and laid-back electronic music.
  • The Bitterest Pill - Humorous stories from an "under-employed" actor/dad.
  • The Whip Report - "Daily Show" style comedic news report.
  • This Week in Tech - See previous post.
  • Verge of the Fringe - Well-done storytelling show.

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I haven't gotten into podcasting at all yet, but I heard that the next version of iTunes will support podcasting directly, which is cool. Presumably you'll be able to open iTunes and sync podcasts you're subscribed to.


Yep it will . Which will be very nice for pod users.



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I listened to the last two episodes of Keith and a Girl. One was a lot better then the other, but ill keep listening to a few more.


Also I found out Z100 the music station here in NY has a podcast feed for its "Phone taps" segements. Phone taps are where people have Z100 play practical jokes on friends and family. Its a must listen. The Feed address is http://www.z100.com/podcast/PhoneTaps.xml


Also ABC, CBS and NBC are all going to be having podcast feeds for morning and nighttime news.

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Also thought i should mention. Ipodder works with Itunes very well. It creates a playlist for each podcast you download and puts all new podcasts into it so if you download new stuff in the morning and connect your ipod all your new stuff will be on there without having to do anything else

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I think having a name associated with one particular MP3 player is hurting word of mouth. If I tell people about this new thing called "Podcasting" they automatically assume you must have an iPod to listen. When I first read about it last fall that's what I thought. I dismissed it since I don't have an iPod. The technology is very simple, regular .xml RSS feeds with MP3 files inside an enclosure. Platform universal formats!


I have a Archos Gmini 220, which shows up in Windows as a simple USB hard drive. Because of that, I can't use WMP databases to sync up. I have Ipodder download my Podcasts to a folder on my hard drive, then use a freeware folder sync (Allway Sync) to sync the podcast folder on my harddrive to the folder on the Gmini. New files that are downloaded are transferred over, and podcasts that I have listened to on the player and deleted are removed my computer automatically.

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Yeah people need to realize you can download these podcasts onto your other MP3 players, computers and PSP to listen to them . I should also mention that there are a few online video Tech shows which put up PSP sized versions to download it as well. Ill post some links as they are put up



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So far, I'm just listening to ones from BBC Radio. My favorite of all, Fighting Talk, recently finished its run and has been replaced for the summer by the rather too dull for the non footy obsessed, but I can't recommend Mark Kermode's 30-minute film review slot enough. Even if the guy is still too obsessed with The Exorcist.

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Here are a couple new ones that I have been listening to for the last couple weeks and can recommend:




  • Dailysonic - An audio magazine like NPR's "All Things Considered." It has news, music reviews, commentaries and comedy bits.
  • Tips From the Top Floor - Short (10 min) shows with tips and suggestions regarding digital photography.

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Guys you must listen to the Z100 phones taps from the last week and a half. Some of them are so funny i couldnt stop laughing for a while




Little late to the game, but I just had to thank Capt for the recommendation.

Finally listened to these when I got itunes 4.9.

These were really funny.

The Brooklyn Pizza Theft was really funny and prolly my fav.


Seems New Yorkers are always lookin for a fight, though.

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Diggnation is definatly staying on my ipod. For those of you who do not know. Kevin Rose started a site called Digg.com. Its like of like Slashdot except readers post news stories, and readers vote on which stories they think are worthy. The top picks go to the main page. Its a excellent site for news, and its where i find a lot of the stuff I post


Over the last few weeks Ive streamlined my podcast list down to 10 or so. I dropped Keith and the Girl. It was fun listening to it the first ten times or so. Then i just couldnt take it anymore.


The one bad thing about a lot of podcasts is the people who do them just do not sound like they are happy doing it. A lot of them sound like they are down in the dumps, or cover stuff to such a great length it gets boring. For example theforce.net drove me to insanity one day while talking about a sw book. I like sw books as much as the next guy, but at least dont sound like you just got a swirly at school. Cheer up people.


Im really hoping Apple comes out with a video ipod in the next few months. I have a bunch of video shows i like to download via RSS as well, and I would like to be able to at least listen to them on my way home from work.


At the moment my list is tech show oriented, until i find other subjects people are actually excited to talk about. So here is what im listening to at the moment




  • This Week in Tech
  • Diggnation
  • Major Nelson's Blogcast
  • Ron Moores Battlestar Commentary
  • Leo's KFI cast
  • Z100's phone taps
  • Techphile (Started out just as a small cast, but all the call for help canada people have been on which has made it a lot of fun)
  • Kevin Periera (From AOTS on g4. I used to hate the show and thought he was annoying but he really is not that bad)

For those intrested heres some video shows I do not miss. All are tech related


Command N ( by Amber and Mikey from Call for Help Canada )

Systm (by Kevin Rose and Dan from The Screen Savers)

From the shadows (takes you behind the scenes of tech. Includes Yoshi and Robert Heron from The Screen Savers)

Diggnation (same as the podcast, but they release a video version a few days later)


Since im off this week im going to be sampling a few every day while i type up some dvd reviews for my site. Ill post if i find any I like

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Joey, did you get a chance to check out EarthCore? There are only a few episodes left in the book and it has gotten really good. Lots of suspense, action and violence. Since it is a novel, be sure to listen from the beginning.


The other is already working on his next Podcast novel, which I am looking forward to.

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