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Project Gotham Racing 3

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Eurogamer has a nice little bit of information about some of the Live features being incorporated into PGR3. It will all revolve around 'Gotham TV,' a six channel station each with its own unique features.


There are six different channels to choose from. The Friends Channel lets you watch your mates' races as they happen, either from the stands or within one of the cars on the track - you can even take the passenger seat in your chum's vehicle, if you like.


Today's Highlights, as the name suggests, shows the best bits from the day's races, and the Hall of Fame lets you view the archives - you can search by city, driver, event and even route if you want to find out the best way to complete a circuit


On top of all that, Gotham TV will offer a scrolling news ticker at the bottom of the screen to keep you up to date with general news, details of what your friends are up to and stuff that might be of personal interest.


If another driver beats your top score, for example, the ticker will notify you - and you can head on over to the archives to watch the race in question. The ticker won't appear while you're actually racing, so no worries about being distracted when you're trying to keep your eyes on the road.


Full details here:




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Is it true that PGR3 only uses cars that can do 170mph?


Well, if u go by the screenshots on the webpage, one of those cars is the McLaren F1 which according to McLaren's website

March 1998, the F1 confirmed that it is the fastest production car in the world, achieving a record top speed of 240.14mph.
unless the track doesn't have a straight long enough to stretch its legs, we should be doing 240mph :rock


I loved the second and can't wait for the 3rd :tu



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Microsoft released a fact sheet for PGR3.


The original Kudos challenge. Speed alone will not win this race. "PGR 3" rewards the best drivers for their ability to execute bold moves as they race. Powersliding, pulling off a 360, getting airtime, staying on the race line, drafting and getting up on two wheels will earn gamers Kudos points for their style and skill.


The ultimate supercar collection. Gamers can live out all their dream car fantasies as they own more cool cars than they ever thought possible. Players can take the wheel of more than 80 authentically modeled and licensed supercars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Dodge and Lamborghini. With fully modeled interiors, functioning dashboards and individually recorded engine roars, life truly begins at 170.


A world of living, breathing cities. "PGR 3" transports gamers to intricately modeled popular locations, including New York, Tokyo and multiple other cities. The tracks are brought to life and populated by thousands of people in the crowds - all motion-captured - making "PGR 3" a racing game that really has to be seen to be believed.


GothamTV takes gamers online with Xbox LiveTM. "PGR 3" exploits next-generation worldwide connectivity to let drivers show off in front of a global online audience. With GothamTV, gamers can watch any player in the world on live news feeds, get live ticker-tape information when friends break records, and compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Drivers can choose to casually involve themselves in the online side of GothamTV or set out to climb the ranks and conquer the entire institution of worldwide "PGR 3" racers.


Customized gameplay. Gamers have asked to race their own way, and now they can. No longer are gamers forced to race cars they don't want or battle through the game just to see a city they want; how gamers play the game, and in which car, is now in their hands. And if they want to show their friends, they can go online and challenge them.


Real life in the living room. Gamers can take their Xbox 360, "PGR 3," a television with HDTV and a Dolby 5.1 setup, plug it in and take it away. With individually recorded engine sounds, ambient recordings at every real-life location and GothamTV's unique user interface, "PGR 3" gamers are stepping into a whole new reality.


Couldn't help but laugh when Dodge was sandwiched in between Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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Bizarre released the following:


We are very proud to release three new high-definition PGR3 screen grabs, taken from the in-game video shown recently on British TV.


Our PGR3 announcement video, first shown on the MTV show, was aired this week on the British cable channel MotorsTV. The following screen grabs (taken from the video) are in-game, taken from real hardware. However, be aware that due to the time required to prepare in advance for E3, these images are all taken from an older build of the game.


Remember, these are not pre-rendered like the previously released movie clip. This is 100% running on real Xbox 360 hardware.


Things to look out for:


* High-definition - these stills are exactly how the game will appear on your HDTV.

* New York City - NYC returns to the Gotham franchise like never before. Take a close look at the buildings to see the detail.

* Realistic camera - simulating real-life effects like depth of field and motion blur for increased realism.

* Advanced lighting effects - new reflections on car bodies, shadows on the tarmac, and shiny windscreen glare from the sun.

* Crowd - Thousands of motion-captured, fully 3d spectators line the streets, and react to your racing.

* New cars - Featured here are the McLaren F1 LM, the Ferrari 360CS, and the TVR Sagaris.


PGR3 Hi-Def screen 1

PGR3 Hi-Def screen 2

PGR3 Hi-Def screen 3

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I do believe there is a misunderstanding about that shot. It looks to be just a regular photo of an eatery in NYC and not a game screenshot. Read what the update says:


Oh, I almost forgot. Here's another image stolen from the PGR3 internal diary; feast your eyes on this. We present... a close-up shot of some of the buildings in NYC! If this doesn't get UK:R excited, I don't know what will!


It seems to be posted in jest and nothing more. It's from the development diary so I'm willing to be it's simply a reference picture taken to model the environments properly in the game more than likely. I would be suprised to discover it's a real screenshot taken from the game. Though, I've been wrong before (and I wouldn't mind being wrong this time either. :D )

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Certain aspects of that the pic look CG and comparing it to the real pic you can see a few discrepancies. Still impressive. Now whether or not we see that level of detail on our TV screens in November is another story.



This put me in the mood for some Chinese food tonight.

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I'm reserving judgement until I see the final game running on my Xbox 360. Yes those screenshots show some amazing environment detail but I always get a little sceptical when a game seems more focused on showing off its graphics rather than talk about its gameplay. Call me catiously optimistic. :) I am getting pretty excited regarding the graphical capabilities of the next gen consoles though.

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There's a feature on PGR 3 in the OXM August issue. Some new info in there:


-Playing the game the way you want to is one of the design principles of the game. This means no waiting around to unlock most of the cars...you should be able to use the Enzo Ferrari within 30 minutes of playing the game, it says. And...

-You can not only choose any car & any track, but you can create your own routes to race through the cities using the race creator built into the game.

-The interiors are fully modelled including working dials on the dash, using 40,000 polygons for the interior alone, and it takes 6 weeks to create a single car. 80 cars in the game.

-5 cities in the game, 2 announced so far: New York & Tokyo. However, one of the captions in the article reads "New York and London will be joined by three more destinations for your racing pleasure." Oops.

-12 player online races

-A new force-feedback steering wheel is being readied for near launch time. (Yay!)

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