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Rotating Monitor... Motorized or Otherwise


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I'm working on another "little" project and need to figure out the best way to rotate an LCD monitor 90 degrees . It will be behind a panel and probably mounted to a lazy susan for the actual rotation, but I need a way to rotate it simply and cheaply.


Whats the "little" project? I'm building a "kinda"-cocktail Mame cabinet. In keeping with my Mickey Mouse Jukebox I decided to make it Pluto's doghouse. So it is going to be two sided cocktail table with a monitor on each roof. They will rotate for vert/horiz games and the 2nd one will be on a KVM so you will be able to play two player games w/ side 1 or switch to its own PC for classics running under Vantage (emulator designed for really old machines).



I've been debating several methods on a different forum but figured I would see if anyone here had any ideas for accomplishing it.


Thanks for any input!

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A power window motor should be able to do what you want. You could use magnetic switches to stop it when it gets to the 90 degree turn. Price wise you'd be looking at a little over $100 for the motor, switches, relays and an inverter to convert 12V to 120V.

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Good idea (and very similar to the current frontrunner idea in my mind) but a bit more than I wanted to spend parts - wise but your magnetic switch idea is brilliant and would probably work much better than the microswitch route I was thinking (if they work like I'm assuming they work... I've never used them before).


I was thinking of using a hobby motor attached to a wheel resting against the edge of the turntable and wired to a DPDT switch like so:




So flip the switch to one side and it runs till it hits the switch and the other side is reversed.


The other low-tech method is just with a lever with push-in-to-lock action:



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