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Ikaruga for GameCube is $19.99 at bestbuy.com


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The game sure is tough! I didn't realize my old-school-skillz had withered as much as they had until I got the game. Sometimes I'll try for points and chains, and other times just try to get through. I haven't gotten through it yet, but I'm getting close. The 2-player is a lot of fun as well.

I hope they sell more with that price.

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Originally posted by gigapower@Sep 9 2003, 09:21 AM

Awesome find.

Wish I could take credit for it. I stole it from Glen's "Bargains" thread. Please start posting that here, too, gwhinwi!


Maybe if we buy enough copies, we'll get a sequel. Then when it comes out in a year or so, I'll finally be past the third level.

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The backorder gets worse :(


Dear Mike:


The item listed below is not yet available to be shipped. We expect to ship it to you in the next 22 days.


If you wish to cancel this order, call us toll-free at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289). For faster service, tell us the order number when you contact us.


Item details are listed below.


We apologize for any inconvenience.


Thank You.

Best Buy Customer Care


WTF! 22 days?!

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I think you're definately right there. I think if games were sold at the $29 to $39 price point they would sell quite a few more copies. That may just be me though.


I think this is so true. I buy so many games when they hit the $20-$30 price point. If they started selling at that price right out of the gate, I think I would buy more games on release day!


I think the same is true about music CD's. I buy a lot of music, my CD collection is over 1000 CDs at this point (not to mention LPs, 7"s, etc.) At this point the shitty music industry has me so conditioned to expect $14-17 CD prices, if they actually lowered their sale price (like Universal has announced) to around $9-10, I think I would buy more new CDs instead of waiting to find them used!

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