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Is Conker Worth it?

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I am rallllllllllllllly leaning towards shelling out the fifty smackeroos for this game. I have heard that the single-player will be short, but the multi-player will be incredible. Do you think that people will play this online? I'd hate to spend the money and then find no one on Live.



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Hard to tell what folks will play and won't play. There's alot of flavor of the week when it comes to game releases really and some games continue to see play times while others don't. I'm not very big on deathmatch in general but Conker's class based multiplayer definitely peaks my interest in a Wolfenstein kind of way. I'll be buying the game for sure, mostly for it's single player to be quite honest as it's been ages since I've played it. I'm sure I'll hop on for a few games of multiplayer though regardless.

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I'd hate to spend the money and then find no one on Live.


Oh I don't think you need to worry about that, especially with Live enabled members round these parts. Conker seems high on the Live anticipation list and is possibly the Xbox's last great Live hurrah before the 360 lands.


For my sins, I never played the N64 Conker, nor do I have Live access. I too am hoping for a great deal of single player lunacy out of it (and of course I can still divulge in multiplayer with friends sat around my console and TV). I've been reliably informed by many around here that there will be a lot for me to enjoy even without Live access.



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