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Batman Begins

James T

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I know it isn't out until next week, but I got a chance to play around with it. I'm a couple levels in the the game and so far, I'll rate it as "so-so". It's nothing special and the stuff it borrows from other games(ie. Lock picking from Splinter Cell, Interrogations from Punisher). Lock picking/hacking consist of timed attacks while interrogations aren't anything to be proud of. It would have been better if the Begins crew stole the interrogation idea from the punisher game. The game itself is pretty much your straight forward third person action game. I didn't like how Batman moves and walks. If they did motion capture, it's a pretty bad job as he looks like a giant monkey when climbing and John Wayne while walking. It also doesn't seem like a long game at all. Being thirty mins in the game, I'm nearing the end of the third level out of ten.


The cool thing is the reputation and fear meters. You will die, almost guaranteed, if you go head to head with a baddie and his gun. Instead, you have to use the environment to scare him, then prounce when he's distracted. This will cause the opponents to miss shots or have their guns jam. Having a higher reputation means higher damage when you use your fear gadgets.


I haven't gotten to see sneak peak at the Batman Begins movie, but the game has a few cut scenes and I have a feeling that this game might be a bit more spoiler heavy than Episode Three.


But I guess the game does its job because after three levels this game has got me more pumped for the movie.

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I just finished this game. It's a really, really short game. It's a weekend game at best, and even then, you can probably finish it in a day.


My opinion of the game hasn't changed. It's still a so-so game. The fear/reputation features seemed interesting, but it was really your only option in the game. If you wanted to move on in the level, you have to take advantage of the fear option since two shots will kill you (a realistic part I like that you don't see in too many games). The batmobile levels were mindless fun. If you enjoyed Burnout 3, it's the exact same game, just a batmobile.


Everything else in the game has been done before and much, much better.


I'm also not quite sure why they mispernounced Ra's Al Ghoul as "Raz" instead of "Raysh"

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The game is a great Batman game, but it has been dumbed down for mass consumpiton. There are a lot of moments in the game where it specifically makes you press the B button to perform fighting moves. Instead of having all moves available at all times you can only perform finishers right....NOW...oops...not now..wait for it...wait for it...NOW...


It is very short, but there is nothing I can do about that. While Batman begins is not Game of the year material it does give Batman fans a solid foundation to start building on.


*ADDED INFO* Well I am trading the game in today. I wish I would have rented it first, but oh well. The game tries to hard to make you play themovie instead of a great Batman game. I do stand by my statement that this game gives developers a heck of a lot to build on. I am looking forward to the next Batman game with an original story and a little more freedom.

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